First Impressions

This is about the first time my husband met my cousin Jimmy. I sure am glad they got to know one another better after this fiasco! haha

We used to live on a long dirt road off a dirt road
One night many, many moons ago
My cousin Jimmy stopped by out of the blue
He loudly came in and didn’t have a clue
He yelled, “Where’s the baby? I want to see the baby!”
The baby was asleep but I knew I should let him see
He took a peek inside her room and gave a great big smile
I told him he better be quiet or he’ll have to take her home for a while
We moved our visit into the kitchen, wondering if this visit would be short & sweet
Little did I know Jimmy was looking for something to eat
Unfortunately my husbands’ leftover porkchop for lunch was there unguarded
Jimmy grabbed it out of the pan with a fervor that was wholehearted
He started chowin’ down like he hadn’t eaten in days
But this did little to disuage my husbands’ dismay
Then we moved to our living room where our furnishings were modest to say the least
Without any provocation Jimmy started crackin’ on our t.v.
It was small,the sound would go out, and it had rabbitt ears with foil
As Jimmy rambled on I could see my husbands blood begin to boil
I thought if I don’t get him out of here, this won’t end pretty
It was like a bad movie and I just need to change the setting
So we said our goodbyes,see you laters, and thank yous’ for dropping in
Then I explained to my husband, Jimmy’s not so bad you just have to get to know him
Lots of conversations and many visits later they have become great friends


  • Jimmy says:

    I’m thinking there’s some artistic license at work here . . .

  • billy says:

    love it sus ! thats our james. just bustin in and makin himself at home, but i wud have it no other way. great to see you all the ohter nite. c u soon.

  • Carol says:

    I am LMAO!!! This is great! Wish I could’ve seen the look on Kenny’s face that night!

    Love you! Miss you!

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