Listen to my Heart

When my husband read this the other day he asked me if we were having problems when I wrote it. I am sooo glad I was able to say I don’t remember. We have been through tough times in our marriage just like everyone else. The best advice I can give you is try your best to work it out. Things tend to smooth themselves out with a little time. Although I have to agree with Dr. Laura on the radio, you need to leave if any of the three A’s occur—Adultery, Abuse or Addiction!

You hear the words but you don’t hear what I’m saying
I want to work this out but you don’t seem to be willing
You walk right past me without a word to say
I try to speak to you but you won’t give me the time of day
Where will we end up at the end of this long road?
Will everything we want to have been said and told?
Will we have regrets?Will we have doubts when all is said and done?
When this war is over will we just sit down & talley up the battles we’ve won?
Or will we cry a river of tears for letting each other go?
Will we forget all the good times and just remember the low?
Can’t we save this thing we have? Can’t we just try?
Or are you ready to just give up and say goodbye?
I guess I can’t make you do something you don’t want
But I want you to remember this kind of love can’t be bought
I really hate to admit it but I guess I lost this war
But at least I can go on knowing at least I was loved before


  • Jimmy says:

    I’ve heard that it’s better to have loved and lost than it is to have never loved at all.

    It’s even better to have loved and not lost . . . an upcoming poem perhaps?

    You do take requests, don’t you?

  • Tina says:

    I love this poem, I have been here before!! I can definitely relate! I have been there! But I thank God that I got thru and that God sent me Brian!!!

  • Susan says:

    thanks so much for your comment! it really means alot to me! Keep checking my site out periodically for new poems. eventually we will have a spot for other people to post their own poems. Thanks again! Susan

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