Take Control

everyone goes through periods of depression and self loathing and I’m no different, but don’t worry I’m over it now. It was just taking up too much of my time and effort.

When I hear the wind rushing through my ears
When I feel my eyes filling up with tears
When I taste it’s salt as it touches my tounge
This is when I know my heartache has begun
Do you know what I’m trying to explain
When I try to tell you I know I sound insane
Can you help me out…help me out of all this mess
Can you help me out…help me out of all this crazyness
When I sit here in the dark just the candlelight
I start to think about all that’s wrong…all that’s right
I don’t like who I am or who I’ve become
I know I’m a good person inside but on the outside what have I done
When I look in the mirror I have to search this face
I stare into my own eyes…all I see is a headcase
Filling all the voids from the outside in
Plastering a smile on my face while I pretend
I’ve decided to take control today of who I am and who I’ll be
I know when I can do this I’ll finally be free

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