The Heart of a Mother

As so many mothers are forced to do, I ended up feeling like a single mother a lot of times. Don’t get me wrong, I am so thankful I have been blessed with the wonderful husband I have. He just worked so hard to provide for us and it felt like he was never around. This was around 1996 when our 2 daughters were 3 and 5. I had a job and was in school but somehow most of the household responsibilities, even paying the bills fell on me. Anyhoo, that’s where this poem came from, many moons ago.

I have so many thoughts in my head
No one wants to listen so I’ll write them down instead
Time is going by so fast I can’t see
It’s putting so many miles between you and me
As yet another thought in my head lingers
The time keeps slipping through my fingers
My child was one then I closed my eyes
Then she was five before I realized
My older friends say enjoy it while it lasts
because the time flies by you so fast
They say there are many changes as time goes on
but before you know it the time is gone
I want the time to stand still I want it to be longer
I try to hold on… if only I were stronger
The children grow faster day by day
Soon they’ll be going their own way
First there was one then came one other
I could not be prouder than I am to be their mother
I know they will respect me because I discipline them
And I wonder… will they also respect him?
He works so hard and sometimes can’t play
Because he had a full load that day
But they don’t mind they will wait
I just hope it won’t be too late
Because as I said before… you may close your eyes
And the time will be gone before you even realize


  • brittany says:


  • Aunt Carol says:

    When are you going to post your mom’s poem?

    I am sure most mothers have felt like a single mom at one time or another…I know I did more that once when my children were small and your Uncle Raymond was working nights and had to sleep during the day. It was hard, but I made it as have so many others.
    Love, Aunt Carol

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