Perfect Match

Yet another poem dedicated to the love of my life, my husband.

When asked “Where’s your husband?” I always have to say
He’s hard at work, poor thing, he hardly ever has time to play
Although I never get to see him he’s always on my mind
And sometimes I’m aggravated by our lack of quality time
But there’s always a friend around to comfort and remind
What a great catch he is, a man like that is hard to find
So when I’m lying all alone in bed at night
I pull my pillow close and shut my eyes real tight
Then I see the image of the man I will always love
Whose body seems to fit with mine just like a glove
The man who knows exactly where the kisses should be
The one who signs his checks over to me
The one who doesn’t get to see the kids as much as he wished he could
The man who doesn’t take care of himself like he should
He hardly ever has the chance to have a home cooked meal
When I saw him I knew his heart was the one I would steal
So even though we don’t live in perfect harmony
We will forever be bound by loving matrimony

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