Sometimes our pain goes so deep it feels like it’s cutting us in two, but I take comfort in knowing that pain like that is felt by everyone at one time or another. I feel like that’s what connects us as the human race. The love, hate, pain, and joy that we all have is universal. So everyone on the planet is connected one way or another by these shared emotions. Here’s a short poem about my recent pain.

I have all this pain and I don’t know where to put it
I just need the pain to go away…at least for a little bit
I need to get my head put back on straight
I need to find some love to replace all this hate
Help me understand…what is going on?
I pray for night to come and curse the dawn
Let me just lay here and forget about it all
At least that would keep me from banging my head against this wall
Help me out of here…help me run away
I know…I know…don’t worry…tomorrow is a new day

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